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Check out my newest game Glitch War!

Glitch War

Glitch War is an Action, Strategy, Video Game. It’s a game where you command units as you take back your world from invading monsters. It’s also my first game to release on Steam!

Break Out 2.0

Break Out 2.0 is a more refined version of the first game, but without the Vs. 

Break Out Vs

Break Out Vs was my first attempt at a breakout game. 

Text Adventure

Text Adventure is a, well text adventure. This is the first game that I created.

Dev Blogs

Glitch war 5 unique areas

Kickstarter success!

Thank you for everyone who has supported me already the game will officially release on steam! Here is the new ...
Glitch war swamp 64 bit background

Future Posts

I wanted to let everyone know about my plans about posting in the future! As of right now I will ...
Glitch war

Glitch War Released!

Glitch War was just released today! You can find it here! Download on Steam Download on Itch.io Thank you everyone ...


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