Glitch War

Now Available!

Glitch War Is An Action, Strategy Video Game

It’s a game where you command units as you take back your world from invading monsters. You control unique characters who each have their own special attacks. There are puzzles and boss fights that you will have to make your way though. There is an open world to explore. You can go in any direction you want, find new areas, new units, and experience each area as you progress through the game. I have been working on this game for just under a year now and it’s really shown me my passion for creating games! It has been such a blast and the game is finished.

Glitch war behind the doors map

The Art

I was lucky enough to get art from *Elthen*, check him out he is amazing! Everything else in the game (programming, level/world design, etc ) was created by me :O

Try The Demo

If you would like to try out the demo you can check it out here: 

Glitch war boss node